"Would you travel abroad without some knowledge of the culture? Then why launch an enterprise without marketing research?"

Marketing Research

Sound marketing decisions require timely, credible, and objective data.

Whether launching a new product or service, changing strategic direction, adding a new product line, or finding out why sales are falling, a market research study will provide answers to your questions. An owner or other stakeholder is "too close" to be unbiased and ask the hard questions. Information is the fuel for growth and sustainability.

Industry or Market Study

Survey and analyze the forces against your market and learn where the risk and opportunities lie. The global market and economy offer opportunities and risk that can only be identified through research and analysis.

Integrated Marketing Plans 

Create powerful branding through name choice, logos, advertising, public relations, sales, promotions and public relations including damage control when necessary. 

Surveys or Focus Group

 Anonymous targeted participants offering objective, timely feedback to questions regarding your product or service. Qualitative marketing research can lead to new opportunities or alerts to new risks in a rapidly changing operating environment.

Business Plan

Informative business plans facilitate decisions internally with owners and externally with lenders,  investors, and other stakeholders. The business plan is the road map to the future.