My Book

Dr. Iris Ann Cooper hails from Evansville, Indiana. Her career has included banking, journalism, radio, government, entrepreneurship, and community services. She is also one of the original founders of Glory Foods, Inc. One of her accomplishments is a self-help novel; When The Devil is Beating His Wife, A 90-Day Plan to recover from domestic violence, co-authored with Melanie Houston.   


When The Devil Is Beating His Wife

When the Devil is Beating His Wife is an inspirational guide to create a new and improved life for victims of intimate partner abuse and those who support them. From the lives of three fictional women survivors, you will identify the causes and actions of abuse, and renew your life with confidence and purpose in about ninety days.  Without this book, some woman will never know that freedom is only ninety days away with God’s divine direction. “Chilling and liberating!” Rev. Ira G. Turpin, Jr. “Wonderful book…compelling stories. I read it all at once.” Patricia Fusch, Ph.D.

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